About Us

The essence of human rights is the notion of equality in human value and worth.”

~ K. Balagopal

Youth for Human Rights Documentation (YHRD) is a platform consisting of individuals and groups committed to the cause of human rights and social justice. YHRD was consolidated as an autonomous group in February 2020, soon after the episode of communal violence in North-East Delhi. It consists of young lawyers, researchers, human rights defenders, and public-spirited citizens who believe in using the tools of research, documentation, advocacy, intervention, and education to empower disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. 

In an increasingly fractured and polarised society having its roots in violent and hierarchal cultures and traditions, YHRD strives to advance counter-hegemonic narratives fuelled by the ideas of justice, dignity and non-discrimination. The attempt is to nurture a knowledge based framework that sustains on rationalism and egalitarianism. In doing so, YHRD seeks to build a platform to bring together the oppressed and their allies for generating critically conscious debates informed by the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity.