Our Work

Keeping the Constitutional mandate in focus, YHRD believes that freedom of expression can be revived and reclaimed only through meticulous documentation. Through research and advocacy, we aim to create informed public opinion and participation by ensuring access to information for vulnerable groups; making the justice system accessible for people and seeking accountability from institutions established to preserve democratic values and protect human rights. In this process, YHRD partners with various rights-based groups to further multi-stakeholder participation and engagement. We work on issues pertaining to human rights through the following methods –



The aim is to conduct rigorous research and documentation on violations of human rights and archive resource material for community level learning. 


Using methods of strategic intervention and policy advocacy, the documented information is disseminated with an aim to bring about substantive and structural reforms. 


The YHRD campaign is an attempt to bring together young researchers and activists to further the cause of social justice and communal harmony. 


Simplifying complex legal and social phenomena for a more creative, inclusive and conscious pedagogy and consensus building.